Savings that are Mighty Fine!

The Byrne Dairy Member Card. A payment card linked directly to your checking account that will save you money.


  • You save on every gallon of fuel you purchase with your Byrne Dairy Member Card
  • Automatically Discounts at the Pump
  • No Enrollment Fees, Annual Fees or Finance Charges
  • No Credit Checks, No Challenge Deposits, No Hassle
  • Use to Purchase Fuel OR In-Store Merchandise with the Convenience of a Debit Card
  • Transaction Notice Sent to your Email

How it Works
Pay using your Byrne Dairy Member Card and your PIN, just like a debit card. Simply use the card at any Byrne Dairy location and the payment will be automatically debited from your checking account and reflected on your bank statement.

Am I Qualified, and How Do I Sign Up
All you need is a checking account in good standing according to Certegy, an account-verification provider. You apply for the Byrne Dairy Member Card online and your card will be mailed to you. Enrollment requires your name, address, telephone number, E-mail address, driver’s license number, bank routing number, social security number, date of birth, and acceptance of the program terms and privacy policy.

The security of your data is important to us. To facilitate this program Byrne Dairy has partnered with FIS who has a secure web page that is registered with VeriSign. VeriSign is the industry leader for web security and prevention of identity theft.