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About the Card

The FIS InterPayment Debit Card is the latest addition to the suite FIS retail payment solutions. It is a payment option linked directly to your checking account that does not require a credit check or charge enrollment fees, annual fees or finance fees.

You pay by using your FIS InterPayment Debit Card and PIN, just like a debit card. Simply use the card at any participating merchant location and the payment is automatically deducted from your checking account and reflected on your bank statement.

If you'd like to get The FIS InterPayment Debit Card, you must have a checking account in good standing according to Certegy®, an account-verification provider. You can apply directly online and your card will be mailed to you. The online form requires your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, driver's license number, check-routing number, checking account number, Social Security number and acceptance of program terms and privacy policy.