Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Byrne Dairy Member Card?
The Byrne Dairy Member Card is a payment card linked directly to your checking account. There are no enrollment fees, annual fees, or finance charges.[back to top]

Is this a bank debit card?
No. The Byrne Dairy Member Card is not a bank issued card; it is an electronic check. When you authorize a purchase, your checking account and PIN are validated by our system. After approval, the purchase amount is withdrawn from your checking account.[back to top]

How does my checking account link to the Byrne Dairy Member Card?
When you enroll in the program, you provide us with your checking account, bank routing number, along with other information. Certegy, an account-verification provider will instantly validate the account and securely connect the bank account to the card. Your card will be mailed to you, and ready to use immediately. There are no challenge deposits, no credit checks, no hassle.[back to top]

Are there any fees associated with the Byrne Dairy Member Card?
There are no enrollment fees, annual fees, or finance charges associated with the card. Non-sufficient funds (NSF) charges may be assessed if sufficient funds are not available in your checking account to cover your purchases. The bank providing your checking account may also assess NSF charges, depending on the terms of your account with that institution.[back to top]

How do I use the Byrne Dairy Member Card?
Simply select the Debit option when checking out, swipe your member card, enter your PIN, and you are done. The process used is like any debit card you might carry.[back to top]

What if my Byrne Dairy Member Card does not work?
If there are technical issues the cashier may need to void the transaction and attempt the process again. If your purchase authorization was declined please call the number on the back of your card. There are several reasons why a transaction may be declined, so our customer service team is there to help.[back to top]

Will I receive a statement to track my spending?
No. You will have access to view your transactions by visiting Byrne Dairy Member Card and logging into your account. Your purchase receipt is the official record of your transaction.[back to top]

Can I cancel my account if I am not satisfied?
Yes. Simply call the customer service number printed on the back of your card should you choose to close your account. A representative will assist you in closing your account.[back to top]

What if my card is lost or stolen?
Please contact us at 844-504-8092 as soon as you become aware of the loss. We will deactivate the card and replace it with a new one. For security, it is always advised that you do not store your PIN with your card. Do not share your PIN with anyone that is not authorized to use your card.[back to top]

The magnetic stripe on my card is worn or damaged, what should I do?
If the magnetic stripe does not work your card will need to be replaced. Please contact us at 844-504-8092 and we can replace your card with a new one.[back to top]

Is my personal information secure?
The security of your data is important to us. Byrne Dairy has partnered with FIS who has a secure web page that is registered with VeriSign. VeriSign is the industry leader for web security and prevention of identity theft.[back to top]

Why is my driver license information required?
Byrne Dairy wants to provide you the most convenient method of payment. While the Byrne Dairy Member Card has the same convenience as a debit card, it is an electronic check. The driver license is used to validate your bank account and verify your identity. Your driver license is used for this purpose only.[back to top]

How do I change my PIN?
You assign your own PIN and you may change your PIN by logging in Byrne Dairy Member Card.[back to top]

What are the prevailing fuel discounts when using the Byrne Dairy Member Card?
Fuel is discounted at 7 cents per gallon Monday through Saturday, and 10 cents per gallon on Sunday (Sunday 6:00AM through Monday 5:59AM)[back to top]